Ceramic parquet: tiles with a wood look

Ceramic parquet is a tiled floor with the warm appearance of a wooden floor. The wood-look tiles have been developed in such a way that there is hardly any difference to see or feel between a parquet floor made of ceramic and a parquet floor made of wood.


The wood structure, the differences in the pattern per ‘plank’, even the knots are applied so beautifully in the tiles that it is not surprising that the ceramic parquet can be seen more and more in today’s houses.

Also in terms of laying patterns, these tile floors are not inferior to the well-known wooden floors. Do you want a floor laid in a wild bond, or rather in herringbone? Are you looking for a wide or a narrow ‘plank’? Or do you want the floor to have a variation in plank widths? And have you already thought about the color? Do you want tiles in XXL format? Everything is possible. Our advisors are happy to show you all variants in one of our showrooms in Capelle aan de IJssel and Leiden. This way you can be sure that your wood-look floor will fit perfectly with the look you want to give your home.

Joints in 24 colors

Why is one floor made of ceramic parquet indistinguishable from the real thing and you can clearly see that it is a tile floor with the other? Of course, this partly has to do with the quality of the tiles, but the grout also plays an important role here. How wide or narrow is the joint and what color is used? Do you want a contrasting joint, or should the joint be as inconspicuous as possible? The right choices are necessary to obtain the desired end result aesthetically.
Our range consists of 24 different grout colours. Our employees are happy to advise you about this.

geplaatste keramisch parket vloeren

Tile leveling: the next level

It is known that a long tile can warp slightly during the firing process. This must of course remain within a certain margin, but a tile of, for example, 30 x 120 cm is often slightly convex.

We would like to point out that it is possible to apply this type of floor tiles in a random pattern, by means of the use of levelers. The levelers are placed in the places where it is necessary to give some extra pressure on the tiles (levelling). A day after application, the ‘caps’ can be clicked off and the floor can be grouted.

(Video met dank aan Patrick Blanken.)


Ceramic parquet has many advantages. Maintenance hardly needs to be carried out. Mopping and the floor is clean again. This saves a lot of work compared to a wooden floor. In addition, the wood-look tiles are resistant to stains and scratches.


Unlike a wooden floor, ceramic parquet is ideal for underfloor heating. Ceramic has the property of conducting heat well, so that the temperature in the house is quickly pleasant. This way of heating is also energy efficient and makes radiators along the wall unnecessary. Are you interested? Lingen Keramiek can also carry out the installation of the underfloor heating for you.


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Skirtings: the finishing touch for every floor

A floor is only really finished when it has beautiful skirting boards. Lingen Keramiek has a wide range of skirting boards in MDF, hardwood and stainless steel, as well as tile skirting boards. We are happy to show you all the options in combination with the floor you have chosen. This way you are assured of a beautiful end result. You can have us professionally install the skirting boards, but we can also supply them separately if desired.

experience the wood look tiles yourself

You can only make a good choice if you have felt and experienced a wood-look tile. Feel the structure and be convinced that this is the ideal and sustainable alternative to laminate and parquet.
Our showrooms in Leiden and Capelle aan den IJssel are there to inspire you. Would you like extensive advice from one of our professional tile advisors? Then make an appointment online.

Would you like to gain inspiration before your visit to the showroom? Then take a look at our Pinterest page or view our collection online.


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